How to look good in photos | Ashburn, VA Photographer

Useful tips for looking great in photos, or helping others look great!

Rebecca Danzenbaker - Northern Virginia Newborn, Family & Maternity Photographer

We are increasingly becoming a world of photos and videos, where we share where, what, and how we are doing with photographic evidence.  This is not a welcome change for those of us who put on a few pounds recently or maybe always felt like we’ve been overweight.  Well, I’m here to help you out!

This post of posing tips is the first in a long, possibly never-ending, series of “how to” blog posts that I’m planning on sharing with you!  They will help you feel more comfortable both in front of and behind the lens.  This one is full of tips both for the regular Jane being photographed, as well as the photographer trying to help her look her best.

So as to not sound like a hypocrite, the model for all of these photos is yours truly.  Eek!  This is pretty scary for me, since I really do…

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